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ADERIA60 Glass Amber Cup & Saucer Gift Set

ADERIA60 Glass Amber Cup & Saucer Gift Set

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Material: Glass 


Cup: Max 113mm Caliber 90mm Height 47mm Capacity 176ml
Saucer: Max 131mm Height 18mm
(Box size: Length 255mm Width 200mm Height 55mm)

A teacup with an impressive amber color that has a simple and well-balanced form.

Released in 1970. This is the first glassware to use the amber color of beer bottles that have been manufactured for the first time.
The simple and universal form of the cup and saucer, and the atmospheric amber color, became popular in the limelight.

It is very picturesque tableware. With this form, you can pour soup as well as coffee and tea. The shape of the handle is also simple and nice.

*Since it is not a heat-resistant glass, when pouring hot drinks such as coffee or tea, be sure to warm the cup first and place it on a (non-wet) saucer before pouring. Glass may break due to sudden temperature changes, so we hope that you will remember it as a knack for using your favorite glass tableware for a long time. Also, it is vulnerable to scratches, so please do not use a metal spoon.

*As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, capacity, and colour.


Made in Japan

Import directly from Japan

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