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Cachet Flower-patterned Bowl

Cachet Flower-patterned Bowl

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Origin: Japan

Material:  Pottery 


  • S bowl: W130 / D135 / H42mm / 70cc
  • M bowl:  W158 / D165 / H42mm / 120cc

"Cachet" in French means a stamp.

The "Cachet" Flower-shaped Bowl is such Japanese-style tableware that has so much Studio M' likeness. The patterns are individually hand-painted by an artisan, so there are blurriness, deviation from standard positions, and shades of color in the line and stamp parts. We hope you will enjoy those handmade charms. 

Two color options: traditional blue, and brown. Eventually, the patterns in both color hues give a warm feeling. The S bowl is great for arranging fruit or side dishes, while the M bowl is nice for serving simmered food or salad.

*Not a little iron in powder may appear on the surface. 
*The patterns are painted by hand, so there is blurriness, deviation from standard positions, and shades of color.

Enjoy those handmade charms.


Import directly from Japan

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