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Blueberry Mirtille Cake Plate

Blueberry Mirtille Cake Plate

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Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器

Dimension: Φ20.2 / H2.2cm

*Craftsmen paint the blueberries one by one. There are individual differences in colour unevenness and shading due to handicrafts for each plate. 


The 20cm plate is perfect for dessert, pieces of cake, brunch, and breakfast.

The thickly glazed painting of delicious-looking, plumpy blueberry detail on each item attracts the eye of everyone. The blueberry fruits and leaves are carefully hand-painted one by one by our artisan. The painting has many shades of colors and variable brush tones, adding a gentle artisan touch. In addition, the cream color of the semi-porcelain material creates a softer and nostalgic atmosphere. The overall design has unpretentious simplicity as well as elegance, striking an exquisite balance.

For a little bit of luxury in daily life, enjoy tea time with the “Mirtille” items.


Import directly from Japan

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