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Duetto Plate

Duetto Plate

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Origin: Japan

Designer: Ogino Katsuhiko

Material: Porcelain 磁器

Dimension:  W157mm / D137mm / H23mm 

    The “Duetto” series is attractive for its unique color and shape. The plates are deep and easy to hold with widened rims on both sides.

    In the Duetto series, not only the shape but also the glaze is carefully chosen, and different glazes are used for the same shape of white and brown. White has a warm look with a soft and moist milky glaze, while brown has a retro look with an austere iron glaze. Different colors have different textures and expressions.

    Both brown and white plates have different shades of flowing glaze and color changes due to firing. Each piece has its own unique look.

    Import directly from Japan

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