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Handmade Mini Glass Milk Pitcher/Vase Set

Handmade Mini Glass Milk Pitcher/Vase Set

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Brand: Ishizuka Glass  

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Mini pitcher egg shape: φ20mm x H35mm, maximum: 35mm (15 ml)
Milk pitcher S: φ33mm x H52mm, maximum: 45mm (40 ml)
Milk pitcher Trapezoid: φ31mm x H64mm, maximum: 40mm (40 ml)

Features: Simple design, useful for more than one purpose. These three mini milk pitchers also can be a great table decoration or vase. The thick molding makes it hard to break, and the clean design makes it easy to blend into other vessels on the table.

Add a little bit of milk, cream, or maple syrup to your tea and/or coffee for a better taste.

*As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, capacity, and pattern


Designed by Ishizuka Glass Japan

Country of origin: China

Import directly from Japan

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