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Studio m' Mizutama Rice Bowl

Studio m' Mizutama Rice Bowl

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Origin: Japan

Material:  Pottery (rough clay) 

Dimension:  φ120 / D120 / H63mm / 350cc

The popular “Mizutama” rice bowl in rough pottery features rustic and irregular polka dots which are hand-painted by our artisan, and it has been chosen by people of different ages, nationally and internationally.

The glaze containing a lot of granular particles is used for this bowl, giving a rough texture. Available in White, Black.

Especially, the black version, which is finished with brush strokes, has shades of color and variable glaze flows, which varies from item to item or even from part to part. The inside of the bowl feels rough, so the served rice won't adhere to the surface very much, which enables you to eat rice and wash the bowl pretty easily. 


Import directly from Japan

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