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Rivage Round Plate

Rivage Round Plate

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"Rivage" round plate is accentuated by a circular band and line in "balmy" pale blue. You will be enchanted by a nostalgic and rustic texture caused by the red pottery applied with a matte glaze and the blue line accent combined with rustic marginal burn marks. 

Origin: Japan

Material: POTTERY (EARTHENWARE) 陶器 / Matte Glaze マット釉

Dimension: φ17.2cm / H2.3cm


The point of Rivage is the refreshing blue line. The combination of thick and thin lines creates a rhythm and looks like ripples. The lines are shaded and the colour is slightly different depending on the plate. It's also nice to have a gentle pale blue colour only where the matte glaze is fully applied! 

This round plate is a plate to share or a side plate and can be used to serve small bread pancakes, side dishes, salad or baked goods. 

*Pinholes, tiny glaze peels and burn marks may appear on the rim etc.
*This plate is focused on creating a sense of materiality. The scorched look of the rim varies depending on the position of the kiln, but we value the natural appearance of the surface.
*The blue lines are also hand-drawn, so the intensity of each line varies. Please note that each plate is of a different colour.

Import directly from Japan

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