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Early Bird Collection

Early Bird Collection

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"The early bird catches the worm." How about getting up a little early to enjoy your time? We have got "Early bird" round and oval plates. The blue birds, as it were, catch a treat for you early in the morning.

Origin: Japan

Material: Made of porcelain / 磁器 透明釉


round plate S: W15cm / D15cm / H2cm

round plate L: 19.5cm / 19.5cm / 2.2cm

oval plate SW19.2cm / D13cm / H2cm

oval plate LW22.7cm / D15.4 cm / H2cm

round bowl: W10.7cm / D10.7cm / H6.2cm / 230ml

mug: φ97 / D97 / H81mm / 240ml


The S plate is great for presenting refreshments such as scones, cake, small bread, snacks, chocolate, baked pastries, etc., and it also functions as a plate to share.

The L plate is very nice for serving cake, bread, and side dishes.

A small round bowl will be best suited for serving yogurt, fruit, and soup. This footed mini bowl will present a sort of specialty. Put it onto a large plate for the effect of rhythm, which leads to much more vivid food presentations. You could also use the plates in the "Early bird" line as a saucer of this mini bowl for unified combinations.

Made of porcelain, it is microwave and dishwasher-safe, which is also a good point. As if these adorable blue swallows freely flying in the sky was just invigorating you. So, what are you looking forward to next morning?  


"Swallows are also well known as auspicious birds

It is also appreciated by those who choose it for themselves as a lucky charm or as a gift

I hope to look forward to tomorrow morning

An early bird vessel that gently supports you every day

The Early Bird series will stay with you for a long time

Enriching a little time in the morning

And I hope you can spend the day like a swallow flying comfortably"


*Craftsmen paint the reliefs of fine irregularities one by one. There are individual differences in color unevenness and shading due to handicrafts. 

Import directly from Japan

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