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Mushroom Knife & Chopsticks Rest Set

Mushroom Knife & Chopsticks Rest Set

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Origin: France

Designer: La Galine

Material: Resin

Set of six wild mushrooms 
Available in two colours: coloured & white

All pieces are handmade and hand-painted

Adding a lovely touch to your dining area! These charming handmade mushrooms are perfect as utensil holder or a cute decorations on the tabletop. We hope they bring joy and colours to your day. I know they look so realistic and delicious, but don't eat them ;)

*All photos are copyrighted by NO.59 STUDIO. Reproduction, distribution, or any other unauthorized use of these photos is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from NO.59 STUDIO.


About Artist — La Galine 

After many years spent in interior design creation and in the movie industry as a scenic artist, Vincent decided to create La Galine with his wife, in 2006, after we discovered the beauty of nature : the colours as well as the shapes.

Then, they have associated all the technics we had mastered before, mixing the innovating and modern materials used in the movie industry ( poly-acrylic and epoxy resin) with the « savoir-faire » of handcraft : La Galine was born

All the items from La Galine are created, hand made and hand painted in their workshop. La Galine it’s a univers full of vegetables and fruits.


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