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Aderia Retro Tumbler with Stem

Aderia Retro Tumbler with Stem

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Origin: Japan

Material: Glass 

Dimension: φ7cm x H15cm (305ml)


The cute pattern exudes the atmosphere of the Showa era.

Showa Aderia's representative product, "Stemware" features a unique silhouette. At that time, it was very popular as a household glass, and various designs of glass with stems were produced. After that, the stemware disappeared with the passage of time, but at Adelia Retro, a nostalgic design was reproduced by combining new molding technology and manual work. The tasteful finish, such as slight variations in the position of the stems, is also alive and well. In addition, it has been remade into a shape that has a large capacity for plenty of drinks, a wide rim, and is easy to care for, and has been reborn as a product that is easier to use while retaining the cuteness of the time.

The design of the aderia retro has been reproduced in every detail. Not only glass, but also the package reproduces the atmosphere of the time. You will be excited just by looking at it. 

*The maximum temperature difference is approx. 60°C.
Gentle hand wash for care. This product is not heat-resistant glass, so please avoid sudden cooling and sudden heat.

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