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Blossom Oval Plate

Blossom Oval Plate

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 

Dimension: W204mm / D167mm / H32mm

Liven up your table with our "Blossom" items! These aesthetically shaped Japanese pottery "Blossom" plates resemble the chrysanthemum flower, the national flower and a traditional motif of Japan. The radiating streaks, like petals, are elaborately hand-carved by skilled craftspeople, focusing the eye on the food. The spacing of the streaks and the plumpness and roundness of the petals have been carefully selected to create an optimal correlation of beauty between the tableware and the food. The signature colour glazing makes the streaks on the petals more vivid, expressing a variety of hues. Depending on the nuance of baking, the outline of the streaks may appear yellowish or brownish, varying from item to item.

* As each plate is handcrafted, every piece is unique. 
* Depending on the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze, variations in colour and burn marks may occur.
This series is characterized by its strong colour irregularities, occasional pinholes, subtle glaze or slip drips, crazing(chaps), and the presence of iron in powder form. These features add to the individuality and artisanal charm of each piece.

All photos are credited to NO.59 STUDIO. These photos are exclusively for our use and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
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