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New Crinkle Super Bag Vase

New Crinkle Super Bag Vase

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Designer: Makoto Komatsu 小松 誠

Year of Design: 1975

Origin: Seto瀬戸, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器


Crinkle Bag #4W6 x D3.5 x H9cm

Crinkle Bag #3W9 x D5 x H13cm

Crinkle Bag #2: W10 x D6 x H14.5cm

Crinkle Bag #1: W14 x D8 x H19.5cm

Available in White and Grey 


This is the flower vase such as paperbag. Using the skill of plaster mold casting, crinkles of papers are faithfully expressed on the porcelain of flower vase. The bisque finish highlights the beauty of white porcelain. This flower vase can also be displayed without flowers as a part of the interior design.


*This item (NEW CRINKLE SUPER BAG #1) was selected for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Permanent Collection, New York.

*All photos are copyrighted by NO.59 STUDIO. Reproduction, distribution, or any other unauthorized use of these photos is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from NO.59 STUDIO.


Makoto Komatsu 小松 誠

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Makoto Komatsu graduated from the Craft Design Department of the Musashino Art Junior College. He worked in the Craft Design Office of Musashino Art University and was a professor at Musashino Art University in 1999. He won the Exhibition Design Award at the 1st Mino International Ceramics Exhibition in 1986. He has held solo exhibitions in Ikebukuro, Ginza, Yushima, Roppongi and other places in Tokyo. He has also participated in international exhibitions in Japan and over the world, such as the World Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition in Shanghai and the 4th World Ceramic Biennale in Korea.


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