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Ferme Bowl

Ferme Bowl

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery (red clay)


  • small bowl: W110 / D110 / H53mm / 150cc

"Ferme" means farmers in French. This tableware series has been made associated with vintage tableware in southern France. The back stamp, "cour de ferme" stands for "a farmer's garden". The completed tableware items come across as serene: it could encourage you to eat tons of vegetables you grew on your own! The corrugated rim just looks so beautiful and will enhance the charms of the food. It may be used not only for daily use but also for entertaining guests with your homemade food.

Ferme small bowl is nice for serving side dishes, fruit and yoghurt. In spite of the small size, it can look compelling on the table. 

We hope that you will enjoy the gradation of the glaze flowing on the sides and the expression unique to this pottery.

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