Language of Flower Tumblers Gift Set (baby's breath)

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Brand: Toyo-Sasaki Glass

Material: Glass

Size: φ 6 cm x 11 cm; 

Maximum Diameter: 8.1 cm

Capacity: Approx. 360ml

Features: Fine Crystal. CC Finish. CC (Cold Cutting) Sheer Rim Finishing. 

A great Mother's day gift, Valentine's gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift, and so on.

*The maximum temperature difference is approx. 60°C. 
*For the hot drink: Pour a small amount before pouring hot water, and shake it so that the hot water is in full contact with it, so as to preheat the cup, and then continue to pour hot water to prevent the temperature difference from being too large. Handle with care.

Import directly from Japan

Made in Japan