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Japanese Moulin Bowls

Japanese Moulin Bowls

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The "Moulin" Japanese bowl, is inspired by a windmill turning briskly in the wind.

Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery

Dimension: W121mm / D126mm / H44mm / 200cc

*There are flow glaze, crackles, uneven color, pinholes, spots (black iron oxide), and other pottery characteristics.

The "Moulin" Japanese bowl, inspired by a windmill turning briskly in the wind, features the gently undulating floral shape with a radiating relief tightened by the two deep lines rhythmically arranged at equal intervals. The back stamp has the windmill motif, geometrical design. The yellow pottery material containing plenty of iron gives off a rustic and earthy feel.

Choose from two "refreshing" colors: Celadon features beautiful crazing and translucency, while Violet is eye-catching and graceful.

Moulin Bowl can be used to serve side dishes, morning granola or yogurt, and ice cream.

The Moulin decorative tableware will be a breath of refreshing air for your usual table.


Import directly from Japan

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