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Kitten Paw Frosted Glass Cup

Kitten Paw Frosted Glass Cup

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Brand: Coconeco Craft

Material: Glass 

Dimension:φ7.2cm x H9.2 cm

Capacity: Approx. 230ml
* Also available in 300ml

Features: Unique glass with a cat's paw as a motif. The frosted glass-like texture reproduces the fluffy feeling of the cat's fur. Adding milk or milk tea will make the pattern stand out more. It is also very suitable for coffee, juice, or other beverages

The bottom foot hides a large cute paw print so that the cup is more vivid. It will show you a small surprise when you drink the bottom or look down the bottom of the floor. Meow~ We hope you to be healed by Coconeco Craft

*For the hot drink: Pour a small amount before pouring hot water, and shake it so that the hot water is in full contact with it, so as to preheat the cup, and then continue to pour hot water to prevent the temperature difference from being too large


Made in Japan

Import directly from Japan

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