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Lisse Three-Tiered Jubako

Lisse Three-Tiered Jubako

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Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器


  • One tiered: W118mm / D118mm / H46mm / 340cc
  • Lid: W118mm / D118mm / H13mm

* It's not sealed.
* Some distortion and rattling may occur.
* Black will be discontinued once the remaining items in stock are sold out.

How about packing a variety of Japanese or other kinds of dishes into Jubako (tiered food boxes)? Unlike Ojyu made of lacquered wood, this porcelain Ojyu is moderately heavy, not angular, and gives a soft feeling. This series would be nice to present "Osechi" (Japanese traditional New Year's cuisine) compactly and adorably on the table. Of course, it can be kept with ordinary food in the refrigerator for daily use.


Import directly from Japan

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