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MICA Diffuser Fragrance Starter Kit – Sense Collection

MICA Diffuser Fragrance Starter Kit – Sense Collection

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- MICA Sense Collection -

MICA, a gift of beautiful scents, is a starter kit of the KITCHIBE brand. 

"There are three types of fragrances that express the aesthetic sense of the Japanese people: triumphant wind and clear skies, a masterpiece by Katsushika Hokusai known as "Aka Fuji"; ikebana, a form of flower arrangement that adds color to space; and karesansui, a Zen garden that allows you to feel the truth of nature. The aesthetic sense of the Japanese people is expressed in three different fragrances.

Origin: Japan 

Body Dimensions: 345mm x 50mm x 15mm

Weight: 80g

Material: paper, glass

Sticks Dimensions300mm x φ3mm

スティック / Stick Material: polyester

Color: gray


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For those who are experiencing the KITCHIBE brand for the first time, we have a discovery item - the handheld room diffuser "MICA (ミーカ)".

With a unique design like "incense without fire," this product has received support from many customers as a gift or trial item.

From MICA, "MICA YOURS" was born as a way to enjoy only your favorite fragrance. 

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