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MICA Diffuser Fragrance Starter Kit – YUKI

MICA Diffuser Fragrance Starter Kit – YUKI

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MICA, a gift of beautiful scents, is a starter kit of the KITCHIBE brand. 

Based on the motif of a stone garden of a Zen temple on a freezing cold winter morning with powdery snow falling down, the fragrance expresses the clear air of the stone garden with mint, the nuance of the inorganic stones with rose green, and the atmosphere of the dancing powdery snow with a combination of white rose, orris, vanilla, and musk.

Origin: Japan 

Body Dimensions: 345mm x 50mm x 15mm

Weight: 80g

Material: paper, glass

Sticks Dimensions300mm x φ3mm

スティック / Stick Material: polyester

Color: gray

Fragrance: YUKI 2.3ml (6本入)

Top notes: Crystal mint
Middle notes: Powder snow, floral cotton
Last notes: Earthy wood, large round stone

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For those who are experiencing the KITCHIBE brand for the first time, we have a discovery item - the handheld room diffuser "MICA (ミーカ)".

With a unique design like "incense without fire," this product has received support from many customers as a gift or trial item.

From MICA, "MICA YOURS" was born as a way to enjoy only your favorite fragrance. 

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