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Moderato Dinner Plate

Moderato Dinner Plate

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Moderato is word from the Italian language used to mean “just the right tempo” in musical notation. The name was selected out of the designers hope that users could enjoy daily life with the items at a tempo that was neither too fast nor too slow.

Origin: Japan

Designer: Ogino Katsuhiko

Material: Porcelain


  • Plate M:  Φ19.5 × 2.5cm
  • Plate L:  Φ25.5 × 2.5cm

Each item is packaged in its original, individual paper box.

The Moderato series is one of the most popular series among others produced by Ceramic Japan. Designed by Mr. Katsuhiko Ogino, who has received the Prime Minister's Award twice in the past. 

The plates of Moderato series are notable for their vertically rising rims. Both the L and M sizes are just right for serving one-plate meals. Their appropriate thickness and weight give them a sense of stability.

Available in 2 colors: White & Grey(natural)


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