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Mubyo Bowl with Lid (red)

Mubyo Bowl with Lid (red)

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery / 陶器(赤土)

Dimension: φ112mm/ W112mm/ D112mm/ H86mm/ 310cc

A Japanese lidded bowl featuring a traditional design, ideal for serving clear or miso soup. This lidded bowl is perfect for creating a pleasant surprise as the food is revealed and for preserving the heat of each dish before serving. It is made of red earthenware, beautifully overglazed in red. The bottle gourd detail on the interior lid is an auspicious sign that brings happiness to the table and to those enjoying the meal.

In the 'Red' variant, the area below the lid inside the bowl is colored 'soft and grayish' white, using the traditional Japanese "kohiki" technique, where the clay is covered with a layer of white powder-clay before transparent glazing. This technique results in visible, pretty, and pure colors of the food.

When washing utensils with painted designs, please use a soft sponge. 
* Material Icon: Color Shade Variations; Color Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Crazing (Cracks).

The Mubyo bowl with a lid is also offered in a brown variant


Import directly from Japan

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