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nendo Peel / Cup

nendo Peel / Cup

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Design: nendo 

Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器

Dimension: H9.1 x W7 x D7.8cm

A small section of the rim of this tea mug has been ‘peeled’ away to allow the tea bag string to escape, and the spoon to remain inside when you drink your tea or put on the lid to carry the mug with one hand. The lid helps to steep tea; it can also be used as a small dish for sweets, or to rest a used teabag or a spoon. The bases of the cup and lid are stepped back for easy stacking and storage.

Import directly from Japan



CEO / Chief Designer: Oki Sato
nendo is a Japanese design firm founded in 2002 by Oki Sato, that works on design projects globally. The first office was situated in Tokyo. In 2005, the second office was established in Milan. The company works with numerous brands and have won multiple awards over the course of 17 years of establishment.


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