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Prendre Tea Utensil Collection

Prendre Tea Utensil Collection

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“Prendre” in French means to make (tea), by the way. 

Material: Pottery (Red clay)

Origin: Japan


teacup: W124mm / D97mm / H58mm /200cc
saucer: φ148mm / H23mm

cake plateφ208mm / D208mm/ H27mm

cream pitcher:  W103mm/ D72mm/ H72mm/ 150cc

sugar jar: φ72mm / H95mm / 140cc

teapot: W195mm / D112mm / H132mm / 460cc
*With a stainless steel tea strainer 

The “Prendre” tea utensil collection will enchant you with its rustically romantic charms just like popping out of the tea table in a fairyland, as it were. The secret lies in the plumpy flower-like elegant shape and the pale pinkish white color with a soft and antique feeling. This charming color completes when the red earthenware material meets the milky white color glaze.

The cake plate is florally flare-shaped with a deep petal-like relief, creating such a plump and elegant feeling.

The base of the teacup, cream jug, and sugar jar is organically flower-shaped, where the underlying red clay is seen through. That is irresistibly lovely. Plus, the lipped mouth has slight undulation, creating rustic elegance.

**Handmade Pottery. Please note uneven glaze is normal due to the natural materials. There may be variations in appearance, texture, colour, and grain. 
**Material Icon: Uneven color, drips or runs in the glaze or decoration, pinhole, iron specks, and crazing.


Import directly from Japan

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