Studio m' Cannelle Oven Safe Round Plate

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“Cannelle” is a baking dish with a rustic feeling, which results from the use of coarse earth. The handles stick out horizontally in a charming way. It can be used not only for cooking and serving gratin but also as a main plate that can hold soupy dishes such as stewed hamburger steaks, cabbage rolls, etc. It is microwave, oven, and open fire safe, which is highly useful.

Brand: studio m'


 Plate S: Φ17cm / H2cm
Cannelle Plate L: Φ21.3cm /H2cm
"Cannelle" oven round plate L can be a saucer of "Cannelle" oven round bowl.


* They use heat-resistant clay just like the one used for an earthen pot.
*The surface and rim are rough due to the use of coarse earth.


Made in Japan

Import directly from Japan