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Cannelle Oven Safe Round Bowl

Cannelle Oven Safe Round Bowl

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“Cannelle” is a baking dish with a rustic feeling, which results from the use of coarse earth. The handles stick out horizontally in a charming way.


Made in Japan

Dimension: W18cm / D15cm / H4.6cm / 460cc

Matched products "Cannelle" round plate. Available in 2 sizes.


*They use heat-resistant clay just like the one used for an earthen pot.
*The surface and rim are rough due to the use of coarse earth.

Available in two colors, white, and caramel
In addition, this series has a plate that can also be a saucer.

This ovenware can be used not only for cooking and serving gratin but also as a main plate that can hold soupy dishes such as stewed hamburger steaks, cabbage rolls, etc. It is microwave, oven, and open fire safe, which is highly useful.


Import directly from Japan

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