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Fredonner Teaspoon

Fredonner Teaspoon

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Imagine yourself dripping hungarian honey into a cup of tea with a small spoon, carefully letting the light in. To make this happen, the "Fredonner" porcelain teaspoon has been designed. 

Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器

Dimension: W2.4cm / L12.6cm

Two colour options: basic White & nuanced Light blue.



The small, rounded head is carved with a nostalgic design, and the thin handle is decorated with a fine striped relief. That is full of craftsmanship. The glaze adds a smooth and translucent touch, highlighting the relief.

Enjoy humming happy moments using the beautiful teaspoon "Fredonner" with its comfortable porcelain texture when mixing honey or sugar into tea or yogurt and also spreading jam on bread. 

*The back of the spoon head has the logo, [m'] with convex letters.
*Handle with care due to a delicate item.


Import directly from Japan

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