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Lien Plate L

Lien Plate L

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Brand: studio m'

Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery (white clay) 

Dimension: W208(165)mm / D149(110)mm / H23mm

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The form of "Lien" plates are based on the traditional Japanese "Mokkou"-shape representing a rounded slice of gourd, which is used for a Japanese family crest. In addition to the elegance, it has undulation and softness in design and colors by using an original mold made of clay, pairing the white pottery with color glazes in white, or blue.

  • The Lien Plate L is perfect for serving grilled filleted fish, spring rolls, Tempura, etc.
  • The Lien Plate S would be a nice choice for serving finger food, a side dish, and a small slice of cake.


*There may be individual differences in color unevenness due to the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze. Enjoy those handmade charms. 

Material Icon: Color Shade Variations, Color Irregularities, Glaze or Slip Drips, Pinholes, Crazing (Chaps), Iron in Powder.

*Only the Blue plate can be washed in a dishwasher. 

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