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Assorti Rectangle Dessert Plate

Assorti Rectangle Dessert Plate

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"Assorti" Plate has been planned in order to mindfully enjoy an afternoon tea time over baked goods or sweets and a quiet night time over wine served with cheese or dried fruit.

Origin: Japan

Material: POTTERY (EARTHENWARE) 陶器(赤土)  


  • Assorti 31 plate L : W30.5 /D10.2 /H1.4cm
  • Assorti 18 plate S : W18.4 /D13 /H1.5cm

Available in 2 colours: White / Black
White: milky white glaze / Black: black matte glaze

* The way color irregularities and baked nuances occur varies from item to item due to the properties of the glaze and firing degrees.


Made of red earthenware and applied with a milky white or matte black glaze. As a result, they have a nuance of red clay and antique vibes. The surface for dishing up is totally flat, and it is beautifully framed by deeply-carved two lines.


  • 31 rectangle plate L is as long as 30.5cm and perfect for presenting a narrow and long type of a whole pound cake or weekend citron. You could also enjoyably arrange an assortment of chocolates or baked goods.
  • 18 rectangle plate S is a shorter version of the rectangle, and best suited for serving cut tart or sliced pound cake and bar finger food such as sliced French loaf with cheese or dried fruit to go well with tea or wine.


Import directly from Japan

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