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Tsugaru Vidro Fish of AOMORI Sake Glass Set

Tsugaru Vidro Fish of AOMORI Sake Glass Set

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The " あおもりの肴" project started with the idea of ​​" I want you to know more about the delicious fish caught by fishermen in Aomori". With that in mind, this sake cup is made from specially formulated colored glass that matches the appearance of the fish that represent Aomori Prefecture.

Brand: Tsugaru Vidro

Material: Glass

(鯛 TAI) Red Snapper:  φ74mm x H47mm  Approx. 85ml
(鮪 MAGURO) Tuna:  φ65mm x H51mm  Approx. 75ml
(鯖 SABA) Mackerel:  φ74mm x H44mm  Approx. 50ml
(鮃 HIRAME) Flounder:  φ74mm x H47mm  Approx. 85ml

Gift Paper Box Size: L160mm x W160mm x H55mm

Features: High-quality Japanese traditional handcrafted sake glasses. Aomori glass artisans use colored glass blended to match each fish to create sake glasses that appear to be alive. Enjoy your joyful meals and relaxing moments with this colorful, charming sake cup set.

The maximum temperature difference is approx. 60°C. It can be used with hot drinks, but we do not recommend

*As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, colour, weight, and pattern

Import directly from Japan

Made in Japan

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