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Tsugaru Vidro Gold Glass MATSURI / HANABI

Tsugaru Vidro Gold Glass MATSURI / HANABI

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Brand: Tsugaru Vidro

Material: Glass

Dimension: φ70 mm x H55 mm 

Capacity: Approx. 85ml

MATSURI: Even in the blue sky, the blue gradation that looks like a bright evening color is decorated with gold that reminds us of the gorgeousness of the festival day.

HANABI: With the protagonists of red and orange, which are typical of fireworks, various colored grains are scattered to express the momentary beauty and delicacy of fireworks that color the night sky.

High-quality Japanese traditional handcrafted sake glasses. A luxury birthday gift, an anniversary gift. 

*The maximum temperature difference is approx. 60°C. It can be used with hot drinks, but we do not recommend

*As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, capacity, and pattern

Import directly from Japan

Made in Japan

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