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Tsugaru Vidro Heritage Collection Vase

Tsugaru Vidro Heritage Collection Vase

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Heritage Collection — Shichiri-Nagahama (七里長浜)

Origin: Japan

Material: Glass

Dimension: L110 / W75 / H165mm

Also available in different types of ware: Sake cup, tumbler, tumbler with stem, and carafe.

Tsugaru Bidoro (Tsugaru glass) is formed by a 'free-blown' technique of glass-blowing that originated in the 1st Century BC. Sand from the Shichiri-Nagahama Shore, located on the Western Coast of the Tsugaru Peninsula in northern Japan, is used to create the beautiful elegant glassware that has continued to be produced by artisans over the years.
Of the different styles of glassware, the three signature styles of "Aomori". "Shichiri-Nagahama" and "Mutsu Bay" have enjoyed widespread popularity, recognized as masterpieces replicating the natural environment of the Tsugaru region.
Due to various reasons, production of the glassware was discontinued for a time; however, they have succeeded in reviving the tradition, with the help of professional artisans who are considered to be the traditional craftsmen of Aomori.

* As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, capacity, pattern, and color.
* Hand wash Recommended



In the midst of Aomori’s bountiful nature, Tsugaru Vidro was created. The Hokuyo Glass used for Tsugaru Vidro glassware is hand blown in heritage workshops with decades of history. It was originally used for glass fishing floats, but as plastic floats became mainstream, Hokuyo glass artisans began to use the same glass-blowing techniques to make vases and other glassware.

Even though Tsugaru Vidro glassware is famous for being available in over 100 different colors, these colors originated through mere serendipity. A single glass craftsman, taking a lone walk in Shichiri-nagahama, was struck with inspiration and put a fistful of beach sand into his raw materials for glassmaking. Amazingly, the sands of Shichiri-nagahama, bestowed upon the transparent glass a deep and beautiful green color. These colors, born of fortuity, mix and mingle on Hokuyo glass canvases to form expressive pieces that dance and flow like the colors of changing seasons. 

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