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Umehana Warbler Plate

Umehana Warbler Plate

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This series is inspired by the plum blossoms that bloom in early spring, rejoicing in their flowering, along with the bush warbler (鶯) that welcomes the season. The shape of the plum blossom, formed by five petals, imparts a sense of elegance and dignity. In the center, a warbler flits among the branches of the plum.

Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器


  • plate S:  W130 / (inner)96 / H28mm
  • plate M:  W190 / (inner)144 / H30mm

The combination of plum and warbler has long been celebrated in song, considered a harmonious and beautiful pairing that invokes good fortune, heralding the arrival of spring. Adorable, plump little birds and lovely plum blossoms are hand-sketched and transferred onto the plate using transfer printing technique. It requires skilled handwork of artisan and due to this process, prints may have slight friction or smudges adding distinctive taste and warmth for each item like antique plates that have been passed on and cherished.

*There are three subtly different depictions of the warbler patterns, which are produced randomly, and specific selections are not available for purchase. You will be surprised when you receive them :)
*Due to the characteristics of copperplate printing, wrinkles, misalignment, and rubbing may occur on the pattern.


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