Aderia Retro Zoomate Tiger and Leopard Glass Candy Jar

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Material: Glass 

Dimension: φ6.5cm x H9.5cm   

Capacity: Approx. 375ml

Features: "Zoomate" is an animal pattern series released in 1976. This is the only animal series in Adelia Retro.

At the time of Showa, it was sold as a glass container for storing sweets. It is a design with an animal motif, which is a little unusual at the time when floral patterns were the mainstream. The sleepy leopard and the tiger with dull face are cute and have charming expression that makes you laugh unintentionally.

In the Showa era, the glass tabletop storage container was called "ボンボン入れ(ミニ)" and was popular. Developed and sold as a glass container for storing bite-sized candy and chocolate. this glass storage container is not only cute for snacks, but also for stationery goods, hair ties, and other small items.

The maximum temperature difference is approx. 60°C. 

Made in Japan

Import directly from Japan