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Bouleau Mug and Plate

Bouleau Mug and Plate

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 


tapered mug: φ85mm/ W110mm/ D85mm/ H56mm/180cc

straight mug:  φ70mm/ W95mm/ D70mm/ H71mm/200cc

Oval Plate:  W178mm/ D137mm/ H17mm

Rectangle Plate:  W178mm/ D133mm/ H17mm

“Bouleau” in French refers to white birch. This tableware series is named after like that because the surface of it looks like a white birch. We have made this mug a little small hoping you can enjoy sipping coffee brewed authentically or carefully.

You will notice exquisite charms of this series such as shades of blue on the rim, irregularities of the glaze, blurriness and baked nuances, etc.

We really recommend putting a mug in the same series on this plate as a one-plate set. This combination is one of the most popular gift choices.


*Each piece is handmade by craftsmen. Due to the natural materials, there is variation in appearance, texture, and color.

*Strong Color Shade Variations; Strong Color Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Crazing (Chaps); Iron in Powder; Warping


Import directly from Japan

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