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Coconeco Craft Glass Chopsticks Rest / Small Plate

Coconeco Craft Glass Chopsticks Rest / Small Plate

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Brand: Coconeco Craft

Material: Glass 

Small Plate
Dimension: L11.5 cm x W12.8 cm x H2.2 cm
Box Size: L12 cm x W13.1 cm x H3 cm

Chopstick Rest 
Dimension: Maximum 3.8 cm x H1.3 cm

Features: Glass chopstick rests and small plates with cute cat face shapes, individually hand-made by cat-loving glass artisans.

Simply set them on your dining table to bring a sense of serenity to your daily life.

We hope you to be healed by Coconeco Craft. The small plate is just the right size for a dessert plate such as fruits, cakes. It is also convenient as an accessory case for jewelry and stationery. Meow~

*As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, colour, capacity, weight, and pattern. Please enjoy it as a handmade texture.

*Not dishwasher safe

Made in Japan

Import directly from Japan

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