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Eclore Footed Bowl S

Eclore Footed Bowl S

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 陶器 | Red Clay 赤土 | White Glaze 乳白釉

Dimension:  φ94mm/ W94mm/ D94mm/ H54mm/ 100cc

“Eclore” in French refers to bloom. By just plating up in a simple way, usual food will look more gorgeous! The bowl S is just so good for arranging dessert such as ice cream, mousse and fruit, etc. By taking advantage of the height of this item, make your ordinary dining table look more dynamic! Recommended not only for daily use but also for parties.


*As a characteristic of the material, there may be scorch marks around the edges.
*Material Icon: Strong Colour Shade Variations; Colour Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Iron in Powder

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