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Kodai Mamezara - Mini Compote

Kodai Mamezara - Mini Compote

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery / 陶器(赤土)

Dimension: φ81mm/ H37mm

"Kodai Mamezara" [高台豆皿] is crafted from red earthen clay, providing a warm and inviting feel. Iron powder and the rough texture of stone grains appear sporadically, allowing you to appreciate the earthy charms. Be impressed by its compact palm-sized design and beautifully footed form! Consider placing this charming mini compote on a larger flat plate alongside small portions of other side dishes or condiments. This arrangement adds height, making your plate look luxurious and special. You can also use several mini plates, including this compote, to create a collection of food on a large flat plate. It's a terrific way to enjoy variations in height and rhythm with different combinations.

The compote is available in three colors: Beige, Black, and Red.

The Red variant features beautiful brush traces as a pattern. We highly recommend using the Red one for arranging Japanese traditional New Year's foods such as "Kurikinton" (chestnuts mashed and sweetened) or "Kuromame" (black soybeans boiled and sweetened). It's also perfect for entertaining guests with Japanese tea and small-sized confectionery.

* When washing colored utensils, please use a soft sponge.
Variations in color may occur due to differences in the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze.
* Material Icon: Color Shade Variations; Color Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Crazing (Cracks); Iron in Powder.

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