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Mini Cocotte with Spoon

Mini Cocotte with Spoon

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Origin: Japan

Material:  Semi Porcelain


  • cocotte: φ90mm x H50mm (Microwave and oven safe)
  • spoon: W30mm × D135mm

The Mini Cocotte features a soft-hued glaze, with each piece showcasing distinctive variations, lending it an artisanal charm. Beyond its role as a serving dish, it excels in versatility, being both microwave and oven safe, thus expanding its range of applications. It's also perfect for desserts like ice cream. 

*When using the oven or microwave, please wipe away any external moisture.
*Rapid temperature changes can cause damage, so please avoid immersing hot utensils in water or placing them on a cold countertop. Also, refrain from immediately placing utensils taken from the refrigerator into the microwave.
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