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Parterre Chopsticks Rest

Parterre Chopsticks Rest

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Material: Pottery / 陶器(赤土)

Origin: Japan

Size:  W34mm / D30mm / H12mm

    The 'Parterre' chopstick rest looks incredibly cute due to its miniature size and plump shape. Just like decorating a dining table with flowers, you can enhance your table setting by adding these adorable flower-shaped chopstick rests. While it may appear quite small from an overhead view, it presents a substantial height in the side view. As a result, chopsticks remain straight and are easily picked up. We hope you'll appreciate the individual subtle charms of the 'Parterre' chopstick rest, including the varying shades of glaze colours accentuated by delicate floral relief, as well as the baked nuances and iron powder resulting from the red earthen clay. To accentuate your dining table, consider getting one or more!

    *In terms of firing intensity and glaze characteristics, individual differences may occur in colour unevenness and a sense of scorching.

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    Import directly from Japan

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