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100% Linen Kitchen Cloth (Khaki)

100% Linen Kitchen Cloth (Khaki)

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Origin: Japan

Material: 100% Linen / 麻100%

Dimension:  W600mm / D500mm

Colour: Khaki

The khaki color is dyed to evoke the calm and deep hues of nature in Canada. The heavyweight 100% linen fabric is firm and conveys a sense of strength and inclusivity. The overall presence of wrinkles adds richness to its expression. In the finishing process, no chemicals like fabric softeners are used, achieving a natural texture close to hand-dyeing. Linen's characteristic is its transformation into a soft and smooth texture with repeated washing. In your daily life, feel the pleasant change in texture with each use.

Care instructions: Please use a laundry net when washing.

*Shrinkage may occur after washing.
*Due to the possibility of color bleeding, we recommend washing it separately. (Dyeing becomes less likely to fade after washing several times.)

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Import directly from Japan

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