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Reposer Teacup and Saucer

Reposer Teacup and Saucer

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 陶器(赤荒土)


  • cylindrical teacup: φ70mm / H69mm / 160cc
  • saucer/small plate: φ107mm / H20mm

Shop for matched items: teapot, reposer dessert plate

The "Reposer" (to rest in French) series is meant to present a calm and quiet Japanese tea time. The item range: Reposer teacup, 11 round plate/saucer, and dessert plate, which give a really chic feeling. 

  • The teacup is cylindrical and narrowed towards the rim, so it fits comfortably in your hands and keeps your drink hot longer.
  • The small plate can be used as a saucer or a teabag plate.
  • The dessert plate will be useful for serving confectionery and also side dishes or as a saucer to rest teacup and a small portion of sweets or snacks at the same time.

This line features a subdued color scheme and subtle charms, which result from rough clay and our glaze recipe.

Rough clay is used, so the rim and surface may feel coarse.
* The way color irregularities and baked nuances occur varies from item to item due to the properties of the glaze and firing degrees.

Import directly from Japan

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