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Sorgente Vintage-Style Mug

Sorgente Vintage-Style Mug

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Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery 陶器 | Black Clay 黒土 | White Glaze 白釉

Dimension:  W120mm/ D88mm/ H97mm/ 270cc

Named after an Italian word, 'Sorgente,' meaning fountainhead or spring water, this mug is made of black earthenware and is applied with a white glaze. This results in atmospheric gradations of greyish-white colour, with the black base clay visible through the uneven or decorative parts. The mug is accentuated by a big yet elegant handle and a decorative foot, adding a special touch. Enjoy aromatic coffee or café latte with this vintage-inspired, elegant mug with a foot.

*Material Icon: Strong Colour Shade Variations; Colour Irregularities; Glaze or Slip Drips; Pinholes; Iron in Powder

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