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Barbarie Round Plate

Barbarie Round Plate

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"Barbarie" means a type of a duck in French. "Barbarie" Plate features the rim with undulating decoration in the form of a petal-like relief.

Origin: Japan



  • White: White Glazed
  • Grey: Colour Matte Glazed


  • Barbarie S Round plate φ15.0cm / H2.5cm
  • Barbarie M Round plate: φ20.2cm / H2.6cm
  • Barbarie L  Round plate φ24.5cm / H3.0cm


The red base earthen clay can be seen through the relief. It is a must-have because you can attractively present food whether Japanese or western. Don't forget to check the engraved seal on the bottom, which has a fun twist.

Barbarie S round plate can be used as a baked pastry plate. M round plate can be used as a bread/toast plate or a plate for serving salad or side dishes. L size is a dinner plate. Also available as a pasta or curry plate. Please serve your favorite dishes to this barbari to your heart's content. I'm sure the dish will look a little tastier than usual ;)

*Strong Color Shade Variations & Strong Color Irregularities


Import directly from Japan

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