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Diamond Green Floral Dinnerware Set

Diamond Green Floral Dinnerware Set

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"Supra" is a banquet held in Georgia. This "Supra" collection has been designed inspired by supra table setting filled with delightful food, wine, and songs. 

Origin: Japan

Material: Pottery / Earthenware 陶器(赤土)


  • small round bowl: φ11.5cm / H6cm / 93cc
  • round plate: φ20.2cm / H2.2cm
  • round deep plate: φ21cm / H4cm /250cc
  • large round bowl: φ23cm / H8.4cm / 515cc

*The patterns may have wrinkles and shades of color, slip out of the standard position, or be scrapped due to the painting method of copperplate transfers.
*Handmade Pottery, please note uneven glaze is normal. Due to the natural materials, there is variation in appearance, texture, colour, and grain.

Red earthen clay is covered with a layer of white-powder clay before transparent glazing, so called the Japanese "kohiki" technique. It results in a soft and generous impression.
The rim is frilled and patterned with natural motifs such as trees, leaves and nuts. The patterns are made and pasted by hand using traditional copper plate transfers, which results in subtle wrinkles, blurriness, and blotches, so there are a lot of handmade warmth and nostalgia.

  • Small round bowl is footed and highly recommend for putting dipping sauce at dinner parties. Also available for serving side dishes at usual tables.
  • Round plate is a bread plate and also usable as a dessert plate or a plate to share.
  • Round deep plate is a soup plate, which is smaller and shallower, and very nice for serving cream of potato soup, creamy stew and Ratatouille.
  • Large round bowl is a footed serving bowl and ideally suited for arranging fruit, salad, and side dishes. Put it on the center of a large table, and the added height will create a visual effect and a splendid look.

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