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Gracieux Vase / Pitcher (bronze)

Gracieux Vase / Pitcher (bronze)

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Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器

Dimension: W140mm / D105mm / H206mm / 580cc

The decorative pitcher "Gracieux," which means graceful in French, is characterized by its dynamic form fused with bold and delicate decoration expressed in relief. In addition to being made of porcelain and sturdy, the beauty of the glazes that accentuate the relief adds a special touch. 

The bronze blends in nicely with the kitchen and table as well as the living room. This pitcher also can be used to arrange seasonal flowers or to decorate a room as an art object. it's also a nice choice as a wedding gift, anniversary gift, mother's day gift, etc.

Also available in white

*Strong Color Shade Variations
*Strong Color Irregularities
*Glaze or Slip Drips
*Do Not Microwave 

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