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Japanese Mugiwarade Bowl

Japanese Mugiwarade Bowl

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"A traditional rice bowl with a straw pattern. The more you look at it, the more you will be drawn into it. The semi-transparent glaze pool, where the hand-painted lines of craftsmanship are attractive, is also a tasteful point."

Material:  Pottery 陶器 / 下絵付 / 透明釉

Dimension: φ11.1cm / H6.5cm / 270cc

*The pattern are hand-painted, so the thickness, spacing, and shade may differ from one to another. 
*Due to traditional techniques, no one will have the same finish.

*The features of the vessel are the frizziness of the surface as shown in the photo, the marks like bubbles, and the unevenness of the glaze. 

The wheat bowl is made in the image of a traditional rice bowl that has been made in Seto for a long time. The charm of wheat straw bowls cannot be explained without craftsmanship! The fluctuations unique to hand painting and the differences in each facial expression, such as shades, are irresistible.  

We hope you can enjoy the special feeling created by handicrafts ;)


Made in Japan

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