Pomponner Dinner Plate Set — Light Blue

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"Pomponner" will make your table look gorgeous! 

Origin: Japan

Material: Porcelain 磁器


  • S: φ105mm / H15mm
  • M: φ154mm / H21mm
  • L: φ240mm / H25mm

Also available in White. 

    "Pomponner" features an antique-like decorative rim that looks like a series of petals. 

    Stack these plates in three different sizes on the table, the total form will look even prettier! It is also recommendable for party table setting or gift-giving because of its gorgeous decoration and elegant color hues.

    You can use 105mm plate in a cute way like as a mini dish for placing sweets and as a saucer. 154mm plate is very good as a plate to share and for presenting bread or confectionery. 240mm plate is great for serving main dishes, pasta, and even for plate lunch. 

    Import directly from Japan