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Lapin Rabbit-shaped Plate

Lapin Rabbit-shaped Plate

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"Lapin" in French means a rabbit. The rabbit has been considered a lucky motif since early times in Europe, the US and Japan, etc., and people find it very adorable. 

Origin: Japan

Material: Made of porcelain 


We were hoping to convey excitement and relaxation to its users through the "Lapin" tableware item. Individually hand-painted to finish off, this mini plate has very delicate brush strokes along with the elaborate rabbit shape. 

11 rabbit-shaped plates are available in Caramel and Green. It will give sparks to everyday meals and add some humor to your table setting. Why don't you put some jam, condiments, something to cleanse the palate, grated carrot salad or the other side dishes, nuts and chocolate on them to serve?


Import directly from Japan

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