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Tutu Plate

Tutu Plate

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Origin: Japan

Material: Earthware (red clay)

Dimension: φ166 / W166 / H22mm 

A ballerina’s tutu-like relief is stunning!

Made of red earthen clay, using the "kohiki" technique, a traditional Japanese technique where the clay is colored by applying a layer of white powder-clay before the transparent (or color) glaze. It results in a warm and plump impression.

Each item looks a bit different because the way pinholes, iron in powder, and marginal baked nuances occur varies from item to item. Less absorbent than general earthenware because it is fired and hardened in the higher temperature for many hours. Microwave/oven safe and stackable.

Available in 2 colours: White & Beige


*Due to the characteristics of the material, the edges may be browned. It might have a lot of burn marks and iron powder on the surface. 

*Material Icon: Strong Color Shade Variations, Strong Color Irregularities, Glaze or Slip Drips, Pinholes, Crazing (Chaps), Iron in Powder.


Import directly from Japan

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