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Tsugaru Vidro Fukura Cold Tea Cup

Tsugaru Vidro Fukura Cold Tea Cup

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Brand: Tsugaru Vidro

Origin: Japan

Material: Handmade Glass

Dimension:  φ80mm / H63mm  Approx. 170ml

The Fukura series is characterized by its soft colour palette and adorable form. The plump and rounded shape is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, making it easy to hold. It is a series of thinly crafted glassware that feels pleasant on the lips. The beautiful gradient of colours that spreads from the bottom to the top of the glass is a stunning feature of this product. It is a product that evokes a vibrant colour palette and creates a sense of transparency.

Brighten up your table and enjoy cold tea with Fukura series!

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* Non-heat resistant glass
* As they are handmade by artisans, there may be individual differences in size, capacity, and pattern, etc.
Due to its handmade nature, there may have minimal small bubbles, which should not be considered as defects. Please note that these bubbles are inherent to the manufacturing process and do not impact the overall quality or functionality of the product.

*This series is out of production. Once sold out, it will not be restocked.

Import directly from Japan

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